The barista workshops for consumers and training for upcoming baristi are available upon request. The courses are often customized. Together we discuss the needs and requirements in order to provide the best training or workshop at our Coffeeteque academy. The courses are taught by certified SCAE trainers. The training “Coffee Expert” is a perfect base. Following the 2.5 hour basic training you put a first step to become a professional barista.

You will learn all about the origin of coffee and making the perfect espresso extraction. Which is often the start for many coffee recipes. We also teach you how to froth milk perfectly, so you can serve a perfect cappuccino to your customers or friends.

Our business accounts can book a training on their personal service page. (only business accounts with a van Eembergen web account. If you do not have an account yet and you want to become a business customer, please contact us and we’ll help you further!)

Consumers can discuss a training through the webshop or contact the sales department by e-mail or phone. or 070-3099200