Cleaning machine: The groups of the machine (where the water flows out) are preferably once a day blind filtered with clean water. (See Cleaning the brewing unit)

Let certainly for the first espresso is prepared as flush the machine with water. You flush the machine as clean. This has the important advantage that hot water is also draining from the machine. Machines are adjusted in terms of temperature in continuous use.

Filter bowls daily cleaning, filter media and filter holders turn every night into a bucket of water with degreaser. Make sure the handles themselves are not submerged.

Cleaning mill: The bell jar of the mill has to be cleaned at least every week. Cleaning the dome can with warm water. Make everyday reservoir of the mill clean with a brush. (Or feeding the mill with a vacuum cleaner blank.) Already ground coffee can not be used the next day. A good habit is to not use the first grinding of the day for an espresso for a guest. There is often some ground coffee in the back of the eye clean mill. This antiquated ground product is not suitable for an optimum espresso.